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Chaosmen Mattox Serviced [April-2022]




He has the sexiest looking cock ever to be sucked. He is fully erect and he barely had to even touch it to get it fully erect. In our world, Mattox is the alpha male. He treats all others with extreme disrespect, whether they are his friends or not. He is a guy who loves to dominate and humiliate others, even when he is getting serviced! He is more of a jerk but is still a very nice guy at the same time. If you have watched any of the videos on the ChaosMen channel you will definitely know what a dick sucker Mattox is. He loves to suck a nice hard cock and he loves it when a guy cums on his face or in his mouth. He does not leave the guys he sucks dick. He wants all of their cum. Mattox has the biggest dick in the gay porn industry. What other gay pornstar has a dick as long as Mattox? I did not expect much from Mattox when I got him back for a gay porn scene. When I was watching the Mattox video on my tv I did not really think that he was going to be the guy who was going to do the sucking. I was super wrong! Mattox totally blew my mind. In the video I knew he was going to suck a dick, but when he actually sucked the dick I was shocked at how great of a job he did on it. You are going to be seeing a lot more from Mattox. I hope you guys will enjoy the videos as much as I do! Have a nice day! As Mattox would be the first to say, he is a totally straight guy, but there was a time in his life when he had two very lucky weekends in a row. If you remember, Mattox and I worked together on the first episode of the gay porn parody series on the ChaosMen channel. During those weekends, Mattox is an absolute exhibitionist. As the gay porn star, Mattox lets himself go for the camera. As the straight guy, he is far more prudish. But that's not how it goes when you are the gay porn star! That's how it is when you are gay! Brought to you by ImgT.Washing, ChaosMen For all of our gay porn videos: For even more:





Chaosmen Mattox Serviced [April-2022]

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